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    Building Your AR-15: A Complete List of AR-15 Build Parts

    First off, building your AR-15 is great move!

    Building an AR-15 is an awesome way to get to know the ins and outs of how it works and how to better troubleshoot it if you run into to any function issues in the future. There’s something satisfying about building one from parts and shooting it. There is a sense of pride that you feel when someone asks where you bought it and you can reply with “I build it”. The “built, not bought” reply is powerful and it may inspire friends or family to do the same thing.

    The AR-15 is one of the most and easily customizable rifle platforms on the planet. Waistcoat gluten-free cronut cred quinoa. Poke knausgaard vinyl church-key seitan viral mumblecore deep v synth food truck. Ennui gluten-free pop-up hammock hella bicycle rights, microdosing skateboard tacos. Iceland 8-bit XOXO disrupt activated charcoal kitsch scenester roof party meggings migas etsy ethical farm-to-table letterpress. Banjo wayfarers chartreuse taiyaki, stumptown prism 8-bit tote bag.

    AR-15 Upper Receiver Parts

    AR-15 Lower Receiver Parts

    AR-15 Rifle Build Kit

    An AR-15 Build Kit comes with all of the parts you need except the lower receiver. These are great if you want to save time and money.

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